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Autumn Term Highlights!


Last Friday, Reception performed their Nativity ‘A Miracle in Town’ to parents.

It was wonderful to celebrate the Christmas message with the children. They all worked very hard in rehearsals and it was evident in their confident and fun performance.

The children sang amazingly well and said their lines with great confidence.

The show was fantastic and we were all very proud of the children.

The nativity was a lovely way to celebrate the excellent start that the children have made at St Anne's.

Year 1

Last week Year 1 performed ‘Christmas with the Aliens’ to their parents and the school. The children were very excited and their performance was enthusiastic and very well polished. All of the children spoke, acted and sang clearly and confidently.

We were very proud of how hard all the children worked with learning their words and the song lyrics.

Well done to all the Year 1 children! 

Year 2

The Year 2 children have been having a fun week in the lead up to Christmas, hearing about the Nativity story, writing lessons to Santa and making intricate asymmetrical patterns in their Christmas cards. Now the excitement has died down after the pantomime we are looking forward to our end of term Christmas party and can’t wait to get all dressed up and eat, drink and be merry. In spiritual journaling we have been encouraging the children to think about the true meaning of Christmas and have been discussing some thought-provoking questions. Happy Christmas from Year 2.

Year 3

Year Three are very proud of our efforts as Mini Vinnies this half term. We raised £30 at the SVP cake sale in St Ann’s parish hall after Mass one Sunday and have just received two certificates naming the two children in India whose education this money has funded for a whole school year. The teachers are looking forward to donating the money which Year Three parents have generously given as Christmas present. This will fund at least ten more children to go to school in India for a year!

As Mini Vinnies, we have also been busy bringing Christmas cheer to the elderly. Each class gave their made Christmas cards and sang carols at two local care homes which delighted the residents. Some Mini Vinnies even managed to sing carols at St Ann’s parish lunch for the elderly one Saturday afternoon.

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Year 4

Two weeks ago, Year 4 celebrated our learning by having a memorable Roman Day!

Before Roman day we were asked to make Roman shields, for home learning, and everybody did, so the first activity on the day was Roman marching in the playground which was very enjoyable, everybody joined in, and had a great time!

Eventually, we came in and did some learning about Romans and their life, and did an activity where we had to use our history skills to work out what certain Roman artefacts were. We then looked, at Roman feasts and created our own 3 course Roman feast menu and illustrated them.

Once lunch was over, we had our own Roman feast which we all brought in from home. The food included fake red and white wine, grapes, olives, bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil and lovely pastries, all of this food was delicious!

During the day, all of us made our Roman mosaic tiles, which we had planned a few days before.

This day was full of fun learning for us all

Ella C, year 4

Year 5

Year 5’s highlight of this term has to be our Advent service. On Wednesday 4th December, Year 5 performed a range of songs about Advent in St Ann’s Church.

It was nerve-racking singing in front of a full church with all our friends and family watching us. Before we started singing, we didn’t know if we were going to make our teachers proud. But they were very proud of us and thought we were perfect. We overcame our fears and sang our hearts out!

The whole year group sang amazingly, without any words. The musicians - Mr Donovan, Mrs Bonner, Donna-Maria and three drummers (Jack B, Harry D and Kyra) - played brilliantly.

During the service, some children in Year 5 performed an Advent wreathe dance, which we thought was impeccable, despite not having very much time to practise in the church.

This was Mr Donovan’s last Advent service as our Headteacher, and we hope that he will remember it forever.

Everyone enjoyed the evening and we would love to do it again!

Year 6

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